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North Stradbroke Island weekend

Saturday, 29 October 2011
Rescheduled: A weekend trip across Moreton Bay camping at Blakesley's Anchorage on North Stradbroke Island.

Full Details
This trip was originally planned for 1st-2nd October, but was postponed due to wind. It now has a new date. Please register or re-register.


A trip from Redland bay to Karragarra island for some lunch, and then across to Blakesley's Anchorage (~8 km south of Dunwich) on North Stradbroke island either via Macleay and Lamb islands or via Russell island (depending on conditions). We'll spend the night in tents. On Sunday we will paddle back stopping at Pott's Point on Macleay island for something to eat, and then back to Redland bay via the "secret passage" next to Garden Island.

Yellow line (Sat), Red line (Sun), fine yellow line (option if significant SE winds - also an option for the return trip if S/SE winds). Click on the map for Google maps.

Distance: 15 - 17 km (Sat) and 13 - 17 km (Sunday depending on conditions).
Meet time 1 : A week before hand (date/time TBA) for a trip pre-brief and to work out food groups
Meet time 2 : Friday 30 Sept 5PM - some members meet to pack boats & gear.
Meet time 3: Sat morning at club shed: Time TBA (early)

Paddler Requirements: Participants must be able to paddle a loaded sea kayak up to 20 km at a rate of at least 4 km / hr with stops. Please check your abilities while paddling on the river using the local distances as an estimate. Paddlers must be confident in performing wet exits and T-rescues, and should not have major difficulty with citycat waves when in a sea kayak. They must be able to turn, steer, and otherwise handle a sea kayak adequately.

Gear: A general gear list to get you started is here

Tides: Saturday - Low ~ 5:24 AM (4:39AM @ BB) + 45 , high ~11:39PM (11:09@BB) + 30, low ~6:35PM (5:50 PM @BB) | Sunday - low ~6:05 AM (5:20AM@BB), high ~12:42PM (11:57PM@BB)
Moon: new moon +2

How to get to the put in point

Drive towards Cleveland (Old Cleveland road). Take the turnoff south along the Cleveland-Redland Bay Road. Then take Gordon road (left), and follow it through two roundabouts and a curve to the left. Then follow it straight until it almost becomes Moores road. Take Moores road and turn left onto the Esplanade when you get to the water. Follow this a short distance until you reach the small bit of park and a boat ramp on your right just before the road curves to the left.

The Put in Point Boat Ramp

Facilities at Blakesley's: some rubbish bins (nothing else). All tents, water, food, and gear must be brought in and taken out via sea kayak.

Risks: Sunburn, cold/hypothermia, rain, marine and terrestrial animals, boat traffic, wind, fatigue, weather changes, paddle injuries, capsize, sea sickness.
Risk reduction: We will keep out of the main channels and follow standard kayak practices when crossing boating channels (tight group / direct route / active lookout). All participants must have demonstrated a wet exit and T-rescue previously. Trip leaders trained in towing and rescues/self-rescues & have current remote first aid and CPR. Require 3L of fresh water per day per person. Warm clothing required while paddling (in case of immersion), and separate dry warm gear required while camping. Clear trip plan with alternate routes. Local knowledge. Extra equipment. Emergency numbers. PFDs mandatory.
Extra equipment (group): spare paddles, marine flares, V-sheet, VHF radio, phone, whistle, PLB, first aid kit, paddle float, compass, extra sunscreen, extra insect repellent, repair kit, tow lines, signal mirror, torch/glow stick.
Alternate routes: Take out points at Macleay and Karragarra islands - if needed members can catch a ferry from these points to the mainland.
Emergency contacts: Coast Guard Redland Bay 07 3206 7777; VMR Dunwich 3409 9160; VHF 21, 63, 67, 73, 77, 81, 16 (emergency only)

Costs: Petrol money, boat wear and tear contribution for two days. No camping fees. You will need to bring your own food & paddle snacks (and/or sort it out with other participants).

Registration and Contact: Martin. Please indicate if you are able to provide transport (if so how many spaces), and if you are able to transport kayaks (if so how many). If you need camping gear, please book book this as well.

If you have not previously demonstrated rescue techniques please email as soon as you can so this can be arranged well before the trip.