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Trial of new boats

Sunday, 05 June 2011
The insurance is coming through, and we are looking to make final decisions on new boats. Here is a chance to try a few.

Full Details

At the UQ Canoe Club Shed

Due to insurance issues, tryouts are for financial club members only


  • 11AM - 1 PM: Trial of boats (financial members only)
  • 1PM BBQ
  • 2PM UQ Club AGM - only financial members may vote. No Trials.
  • 2:30 PM Trial of boats (financial members only)
Sea Kayaks
A final decision has not been made about 4 replacement sea kayaks. 1. We require a new double sea kayak and will have a Wilderness double for trial.
2. We need additional kayaks for taller paddlers as the ones we used are not being replaced. We will buy one larger model of the Tsunami's we have and reposition the pedals. We need to check the size of tall people to see how they fit.
3. We are also considering the award winning, but slightly more advanced Tempest kayak , which uses a skeg rather than a rudder to track. This will help sea kayakers develop important non-rudder kayaking skills using paddles and edging to control the boat on the river, similar to other rudderless kayaks (albeit with the help of the skeg). More able kayakers will use it on trips. It may double as another kayak suitable for tall members.
4. We need a couple of sea kayaks for smaller sea kayakers who often struggle in larger boats. Our smallest Tsunami is the best we have, but if we can find another smaller (not shorter) sea kayak we will consider it instead of another small Tsunami (suggestions welcome).

Flat Water kayaks
This is an opportunity to replace some less stable older TK1 kayaks with a few more robust and stable TK1s. This will help new kayakers to step up to this class of kayak sooner, and we will also use it for rough condition/small river racing (eg the annual BV100 race). We are considering the Rosco Regal TK1 and one will available to try out.

We will have available for trial one each of
A. Wilderness Double Sea Kayak
B. Tempest 170 Sea Kayak (please be careful - it belongs to a club member!)
C. Rosco Regal TK1
D. If we can find and get our hands on a Demo model of a different small plastic sea kayak we will bring it. We have the small Tsunami to try.