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BV100 Weekend Charity Marathon

Saturday, 21 May 2011
CANCELLED DUE TO FLOOD DAMAGE: The Brisbane Valley 100 is on again in 2011. A 100 km FUN race over two days down the upper Brisbane river.

Full Details
Individuals in relay teams might only need to do 8 to 13 km a day!

Details for the race are available at Qld Canoeing (BV100)
This race is subject to conditions. The 2007 - 2009 races were cancelled because the river was blocked by weed.

The club is interested in entering solo or relay teams. The point is primarily to participate and have fun. As a relay team member you don't have to do the full 50 - 100 km. Each day is divided into shorter sections ranging from only 8.5 km to a maximum of 13 km. If you feel able to paddle this much, please consider entering. See if you can spot club members (past and present) and club boats in the photos from the last race in 2006!

Day 1: Wivenhoe Spillway to Kholo Lagoon. Day 2: Repeat of day one (it's so nice up there!).

  • Raise funds to help two charitable, non-profit organisations
    • Hannah's Foundation - Drowning Awareness, Prevention and Support, and
    • Sporting Wheelies - Enhancing the lives of people with a disability through community engagement and education, sport and healthy activity
  • Enjoy a surprisingly beautiful river.
  • Have fun - maybe win some prizes or medals or something...
Time: 21 & 22 May 2011 (subject to conditions)
Duration: 1 or 2 days
Competitions: solo, teams, mens, womens, mixed, and/or relay
Paddle type: Flatwater
Distances: Full (100 km), half (50km)
Location: Brisbane river (many parts upstream are quite beautiful)
Accommodation: Camping (or go home each day if you like travelling). Last time food and live entertainment was available for campers.
Contact: Martin
Cost :TBC. If you are interested but funds are a problem, please let the flatwater representative know.