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Penrith Weekend

Saturday, 23 October 2010
A weekend at the 2000 Olympics whitewater stadium at Penrith, Sydney. Build your skills on what you learned at Wivenhoe dam and Goolang creek. This is a great way to learn to master grade 3 rapids.

Full Details

Penrith is the only manmade whitewater structure of its kind in the southern hemisphere. The circuit finishes close to where it begins, and there is a conveyor belt to return you to the start of the course. Rapids are up to grade 3, yet are in a safe environment where the water can be turned off very fast.

Penrith course map

Prior bookings are essential

Date: Sat 23rd October to Sun 24th October 2010
Duration: 2 days
Destination: Penrith, (~60 km west of Sydney CBD)
Paddle type: Whitewater kayaking
Cost: TBA
Meet: TBA
Return: TBA
Contact: Breck - whitewater representative

Things you'll need -

  • The water will be relatively cold, and you will get wet (i.e. swimming). Bring swimming clothing that will keep you warm (eg thermals or wetsuit). Avoid wearing cotton as it will not be effective in keeping you warm when you are wet. Also bring a towel and a dry change of warm clothing for afterwards.
  • Footwear that can get wet (not thongs).
  • Accommodation: TBA
  • Transport: TBA
  • Food: TBA
  • Sunscreen, Insect repellent (the bugs can be vicious), Water bottle (but you don't need water)
If you have a medical condition, allergy or something else that you think Breck should know about, please let him know.