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Weekend Training trip

Saturday, 28 August 2010
Due to strong winds this weekend, this trip has been changed to a two day training trip on Currumbin Creek.

Full Details
Due to strong predicted winds, the trip details are modified as follows.

Camping: We will camp at Palm Beach Holiday Park on the Gold Coast just north of Currumbin Creek. Those who want to return to Brisbane for the night then come down again the next morning  please let me know.  The camping charges are $22 per unpowered site (2 people) plus $5 for each extra person on that site.  Each site will take up to 3 or 4 one or two man tents.  We will have to work out camping costs which should be under $10 per person.


Food: We will not be packing all gear into the kayaks, and there will be shops, taps, eating places etc around. So bring whatever you plan to use or do.  You will need lunches, snacks and a couple of Water bottles on the river.  Bring changes of kayaking gear and something wind proof which can get wet as sitting around in wet gear gets chilly.

Travel: It takes longer to get there but we will not have to pack gear etc into kayaks, so departure time is unchanged meeting at the shed at 6.30 am (those taking kayaks at 6.15 am) depart  before 7 am and arriving at the Currumbin Creek by 8.30 am.

Training: Because we will be doing less actual kayaking distance,  Mark will do more on navigation, weather, using compasses etc.  Hopefully rolling too.  If you have a compass bring it and you might find it useful to bring a pen and paper. So while it is not a leadership course it will contain some elements of that and equip you to go on the bay and to organise some of our basic level trips.

We can organise another day trip on the bay for October perhaps around Green Island or Macleay Island when we can get a little more experience of open water.


We will paddle  from the park on Duringan St, Currumbin between Thrower Drive and the Gold Coast highway.   You can get there from the Gold Coast Highway by exiting left after crossing the bridge over the Creek.

Most of us will come down the Pacific Highway.  Exit into Sarawak Ave before you get to Currumbin Creek  and go left .  Turn right into Thrower Drive and cross the bridge over the Creek then first left into Duringan St.  The park is  on your left and we will be about 300 km further along.

Leader and instructor: Mark Thurgood
Deputy leader: Carissa Klein
Contact/Registration/Organiser: Michael Wynne (treasurer)

Old plan
The club is organising an overnight trip camping at Blakesley's Anchorage on Moreton bay. This is a training trip with a Qld Canoeing instructor. A minimum of 6 people (maximum or 12) is needed.

This is a chance to improve your skills through training activities. There will be a cost for the instructor's services (in addition to normal trip gear donation, food, and petrol costs) but this will be considerably less than commercial rates, and the club will also subsidise some of the cost

Description:- We will put in from the corner of Auster Street and the Esplanade at Redland Bay. We will break for lunch on the beach on Karragarra Island before paddling through the narrow channel between Macleay and Lamb Islands and across to Blakeley's Anchorage, where we will camp. On Sunday we will paddle across to the northern tip of Macleay Island for a tea break, then return to Redland Bay. A map of trip is here

This trip is currently full
Please send an email to be put on the standby queue
(it also indicates to us the level of interest in these sorts of trips)

Date: 28th and 29th May 2010
Schedule (note that we are on a tight schedule!)
  • Meet 6 am sharp! at club shed to load kayaks and gear. Get a good night's sleep beforehand please.
  • Depart club shed for Redland bay, Saturday before 7 am
  • Arrive at Redlands Bay by 8 am to unload and organise kayak gear.
  • Start session 9 am, Saturday
  • End Session 2pm Sunday
  • Return to shed by 4 pm to unload and wash gear.
Time: Saturday 28th 6am to Sunday 29th of August
Duration: 2 days (overnight)
Distance: 26 km kayaking (14 km fist day and 12 km second day)
Route: A map of the proposed route is here.
Paddle type: Sea kayaking
High Tide: Saturday about 11.30 am and Sunday 12 pm
Accommodation: Camping. If you lack some (or all) camping gear, please let us know. The club may be able to supply you with some (be early and book it with the organizer).
Basic Costs: Petrol money to whoever you get a lift with. A donation to the club if you use club kayaks will go toward gear maintenance and replacement. Significant tuition fee to be decided.

Bring:- There are NO Toilets, NO Water, NO showers, and no shops. Two wheelie bins for rubbish are the only items on the entire site. You must bring everything

You will need a small tent (share if you can), a sleeping mat and a sleeping bag. We are not guaranteed good weather and it can be cold, so bring something warm to put on and to kayak in if the weather is bad (something warm for the water/wet, and something warm for land/dry). Bring something waterproof in case it rains.

You will need to put everything that should not get wet into dry bags. Put everything you can into sealed plastic containers. Anything else will probably get wet. The club has a limited number of dry bags, tents and mats. If you don’t have what you need then book them with the leader well ahead and consider how much you can get into them and the kayak (quite a lot) when packing. It has to be small enough to get through the hatches. Large garbage bags can help keep less essential gear reasonably dry.

Bring a camping stove of some sort, or arrange to share with someone else. Trangia’s or gas stoves are usual. Bring a plate, mug and utensils. Also hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellant etc. You will need light at night so bring torches/lamps etc.

Food:- Bring One breakfast (Sunday), One evening meal (Saturday), one or two picnic lunches, and snacks to eat along the way. Prepared evening meals that simply need heating are good. People usually group up to bring meals and share between them. Most of us bring something tasty to share around during stops, before dinner, or after coffee. A beer or a glass of wine Saturday evening is great after all the exercise. If you have too much then you might not be on future trips! We get back at 2 pm so you could buy a late lunch on the way home if you are prepared to wait.

Water:- There is no toilet and no water. We will need 2L per person per day for kayaking and extra for cooking and other matters. So bring 5-6 L watereach. Toilet paper, matches and we need a couple of small trowels between us. We will not take anyone who does not have water and food before we leave the shed as this is an imposition on others, and such poor planning is not acceptable.

Kayaking gear:- Full sea kayak gear including boats, skirts, PFDs, paddle leashes, footwear, bailers, sponges, pumps etc.
Clothing:- You will get wet, probably on both days, so bring two sets of kayaking clothes, dry clothes to wear on Stradbroke, and something warm and dry to leave in the cars to change into when you get back.

Fitness and skill:- It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the elementary fitness and skills to do the distance and can manage some choppy water. Paddle from the club to the radio mast and back in a sea kayak. You should be able to do about 4km/hr (distances are listed in shed and on the website)
Risks: Kayaking has inherent dangers. We will be kayaking between islands, so depending on wind direction it should be relatively sheltered. The major hazard will be the weather. If strong winds are predicted, then Mark may decide to change the venue, reschedule or cancel the trip.

Emergency contact: VMR Victoria Point Tel (07) 32078717 (put this in your phone too)
Additional safety equipment (supplied by club or some group members): Spare paddle, first aid kit, flares, PLB, V-sheet, VHF radio, tow ropes.