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Whitewater surf training

Saturday, 22 May 2010
An introductory whitewater surf skills day at Snapper rocks, Currumbin, or Tweed heads, depending on conditions.

Full Details
Date: Sat 22nd May 2010
Duration: All day
Destination: Either Snapper Rocks, Tweed heads, or Currumbin depending on conditions
Paddle type: Whitewater kayaking
Numbers: Book soon - limited places
  1. Standard trip requirements (see bottom of page)
  2. Basic boat control skills
  3. if you have a medical condition or something else that you think should be known about, please let the organiser know.
  4. Bring your logbook (school exercise book) if you keep one
  5. Prior bookings are essential
What to bring: You will get wet - very wet - think swimming. Therefore bring swimming gear and a towel, plus shorts and a shirt. It can get cold in the water, so if you have thermals/wetsuit top or something similar, you can bring them, but not essential. Footwear that can get wet (not thongs), lunch (or money to buy some), more than enough water, Sunscreen, hat, dry clothes.
Kayak gear (from club): kayak, helmet, PFD, Deck/skirt, first aid kit
Cost: $10 donation toward boat maintenance is strongly encouraged, plus petrol money for your driver (about $5-$10) and for trailer towing if used ($2).
Transport: If you can drive, and take passengers, or take boats (ie have roof racks), please contact the trip organiser with how many passengers (excluding you), you have room for. If you require transport from the boat shed, please contact the trip organiser.
Meet: 7:00 AM at UQ Canoe club boat shed (building 30), leaving at about 7:45 AM

Forecast Conditions
The water temperature is 23 degrees. The swell is looking quite small for Saturday across all of the gold coast. 1ft to 2ft in the morning with a slight increase to 2.5ft in the afternoon.The swell is slightly bigger the furthur south we go so there is a chance we'll head to Tweed Heads (thus the extra money for fuel).

Contact/Queries to: Breck (whitewater rep)