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South Stradbroke weekend

Saturday, 15 May 2010
An overnight camping sea kayak trip to South Stradbroke Meander on the weekend of the 15th and 16th May

Full Details
Plan: On the Saturday we will depart from Jacobs Well and cross south of Kangaroo Island to South Stradbroke Island where we will break for a snack. We will then paddle south to Tipplers resort where we will stop for lunch. Those who don’t want to buy lunch can bring their own but you may not eat it on the resort premises. After lunch we will paddle north again and camp at the Bedrooms where there is a toilet but no other facilities. Distance 15 km with varying tides (High tide about 10 am).

On Sunday we will return by another route and go via Cabbage Tree Point. There are a number of alternatives. If we feel lazy we can proceed via Whalley’s gutter and north of Kangaroo island where we can break it will be 15 km back to Jacobs Creek. High tide will be around 10.30 am. If the weather is good, and if we start early, we can visit Jumpinpin before the tide changes (outgoing tides here are very strong) and then return north of Eden Island or through Cobby Passage. If we decide to avoid Jumpinpin, we can still cut through to these other routes by going across close to Five Ways. See map (orange for short trips purple for alternatives).

Load kayaks (to be decided)
Depart club shed Saturday 15th May at 7 am
Arrive Jacobs Creek by 8.30 am
On the water by 9 am
Break on South Stradbroke at 11 am
Lunch at Tipplers resort at 12.30 pm

Sunday timetable is fluid. Aim to be back at shed before 5 pm.

Time: Saturday 15th to Sunday 16th of May 2010
Duration: 2 days (overnight)
Distance: 30-35 km total (15 km Saturday (about 3 hrs paddling) & 15-20 km Sunday)
Paddle type: Sea kayaking
Accommodation: Camping. If you lack some (or all) camping gear, please let us know. The club may be able to supply you with some (be early and book it with the organizer).
Basic Costs: Petrol money to whoever you get a lift with. A donation to the club will go toward gear replacement (if you are economically able - don't let this stop you coming).

Gear: You will need a small tent (share if you can), a sleeping mat and a sleeping bag. We are not guaranteed good weather and it can be cold so bring something warm to put on and to kayak in if the weather is bad. Bring something waterproof in case it rains.
You will need to put everything that should not get wet into dry bags. The club has a limited number of bags, tents and sleeping mats. If you don't have what you need then book them with the leader well ahead and consider how much you can get into them and the kayak (quite a lot) when packing. It has to be small enough to get through the hatches.
There are no fires so bring a camping stove of some sort, or arrange to share with someone else. Trangia's or gas stoves are usual. Bring a plate, mug and utensils. Also hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellant etc. You will need light at night so bring torches/lamps etc.
Food: Bring one breakfast (Sunday), one evening meal (Saturday), two picnic lunches (unless you plan to buy from Tipplers), and snacks to eat along the way. Prepared evening meals which simply need heating are good. People usually group up to bring meals and share between them. Most of us bring something tasty to share around during stops, before dinner, or after coffee. A beer or a glass of wine Saturday evening is great after all the exercise. If you have too much then you won’t be on future trips!
Water: There is a toilet but no water. We will need 2L per person per day for kayaking and at least two extra litre for cooking and other matters. So bring between 6 and 8 L water each. Kayaking gear: Full sea kayak gear including skirt, PFD, paddle leash, and footwear.

Fitness and skill: It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the fitness and skills to do the distance and can manage some chop. Paddle from the club to the green buoy and back in a sea kayak. You should be able to do this in 45-60 minutes.
We will be kayaking between islands so depending on wind direction it should be relatively sheltered. We may not be able to visit Jumpinpin if the wind blows up.

Emergency contact: Jacobs Well VMR
Tides: HT8.23am (Mon HT 9.11am)
Leader: Ernst le Roux
Organiser: Michael Wynne ( contact/register )

Full details are available here

Contact: Ernst (sea kayak representative)