Temporary Pontoon

The club pontoon has sustained major damage and is being repaired. An alternative pontoon is available.

One of the two pylons holding the pontoon in place came free. The pontoon was damaged significantly and was removed for repair. UQ is looking at replacing the pylon and reinstalling it once fixed.

The rowing club has temporarily given the canoe club permission to use their pontoon. Please note that this pontoon is a little different to ours.

  • Please place the boats on the flat pontoon. Do not place them on the ramp – if a citycat wave comes along it can easily cause a boat(s) placed on the ramp to slide in. If there is no-one there it could be lost.
  • Please be respectful of rowing club activities, equipment, and events – its their pontoon!

We hope the pontoon will be back functioning soon. Details updated here.