Confidence on the River Mondays (May – 4 weeks)

For a month experienced club members will make themselves available to paddle with new paddlers to help them build their skills, experience, and confidence on the river.

So you are new to paddling. You’ve completed your inductions. BUT you don’t feel you are ready to paddle on the river by yourself, or your inductor told you that you weren’t ready to paddle alone and that you should paddle with other people until you gained sufficient skill/experience.

Experienced members have volunteered to spend four weeks taking beginners and novices paddling on the river with them for confidence building sessions where they will help you with some basic tips and mainly give you a chance to improve and gain experience and confidence.

Please take advantage of it because if no-one does, then they aren’t likely to keep doing it for the four weeks. Also be on time!

We strongly encourage you to attend the general pool training sessions at the UQ pool held on only the first few Tuesday evenings of semester. These confidence sessions on the river will let you practice the various skills you learn on the pool.

Experienced Members running Confidence sessions

  • MAY – with SitiMONDAY sessions (Time Either 10-11 AM OR 2-4 PM – please email her to organise a time). Runs for 4 weeks from Mon 8th May to Mon 29th May). Please email her to indicate you are coming (and to help her manage numbers).
  • MAR/APR with MarkWednesday sessions (Time TBA – please email him). Runs for 4 weeks from Wed 15th March to Wed 5th April). Please email him to indicate you are coming (and to help him manage numbers).