Weekly Paddle Training at the Pool

Interested in improving your paddling, or learning new strokes? Improve your paddling at the UQ pool on most Tuesday evenings.

Learn basic paddle strokes and how to paddle small boats straight. Move to more advanced strokes and techniques. Aimed at Beginners and intermediate paddlers.

Sessions will be held on the UQ pool most Tuesday evenings. Check the pool/polo calendar for dates, costs, and what to bring.

There are two types of session. Basic sessions covering the basics of controlling a boat, and Advanced sessions where we move to more challenging techniques. Sessions will be adjusted to the needs of the individuals as not all will be covered in an evening.

Basic sessions

  • Basic strokes
    • Forward
    • Stop
    • Backwards
  • Going straight
  • Turning strokes
    • Sweep
    • Reverse sweep
    • Stern rudder
    • Bow rudder
Advanced sessions

  • Draw strokes (sideways)
    • Simple
    • Feathered draw
    • Skulling draw
    • Bow draw
    • Hanging draw
  • Edging
  • Bracing
    • Low brace
    • High brace
  • Eskimo (T) rescues

If you are interested in learning or practicing these techniques, please contact Martin Wynne.

If noone comes, I might just go and play polo (something you could do if I can’t make a session!).