Victoria Pt to Peel island

A day sea kayak trip from Victoria Point to Peel island and back (via Coochiemudlo island).

Peel Island is a scenic island in Moreton Bay with a beach and wrecks to explore. We will leave from Victoria Point and go with the tide to Peel island.

Low tide is about 10:30 AM and high tide is about 4:15 PM and it is only 1.77 M so not too strong (half moon). We will go early during the change of the tide and return early afternoon for the same reason. We can explore the island and visit Platypus wreck. We will pass to the North of Coochiemudlo island, and then NE to Peel island. We may return around the south side of Coochiemudlo island, depending on time and conditions.

Paddle type: Sea kayaking
Grade: 1 (though the distance is slightly longer).

Date: Sunday 20th Jan 2013
Meet: Club shed at 6.30 AM to finalise gear
Pre-meet: Load trailer (if needed) 10:30 AM Saturday 19th (TBC)

Distance: 22 km total.

Duration: All Day. We will plan to leave the club by 7 AM, be on the water about 8.30 AM and be off the water by 4 PM, and back at the shed around 5.30 PM.


Basic fitness – This trip will cater for those with basic skills and fitness. If you can kayak comfortably up river from the club to the radio mast and back at a 5km/hr rate then you should manage. This means kayaking, in a sea kayak, from the cub pontoon up to the green buoy on six mile rocks and back to the pontoon in a minimum of 70 min. There is some open water and you should be able to cope with choppy conditions and waves – especially if the wind gets up. This is not for the complete beginner.

Basic skills: Only people who have demonstrated the use of a spray deck, performed a wet exit, and undertaken an assisted (T) rescue in a sea kayaks, will be eligible for this trip.

Limit on numbers
Numbers will be limited by transport, the number of people with sufficient skills and the weather. Within these coinstraints it will be first come first served with a limit of about 8 people.

Safety:- Sea kayaking on Moreton Bay can be hazardous. If wind and/or predicted conditions are unfavourable, we will divert to Paradise Point and circumnavigate Coomera Island (18 km) instead (similar to this trip). We will register with the VMR prior to departure and carry telephone, VHF radio, and PLB communication.
Alternative route: If conditions become too bad, we can cross to Dunwich and have all (or just weaker) paddlers catch a ferry to Cleveland from Dunwich. Cars can be retrieved either by paddling from Cleveland to Victoria Point or via taxi, depending on circumstances.

Emergency Contact: VMR Victoria Point Ph 32078717

Required equipment: Sea kayak, spray deck, paddle leash, bailer/sponge, and PFDs. Bring a picnic lunch, snacks, at least 3L WATER, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, insect repellant, money, hat, towel, wind and rain proof top (this can help if the wind gets up), and a change of clothing as you may get wet.

Other equipment: Have a look at this link for equipment suggestions (this link is for a full multiday trip so use your common sense!)

Basic Costs: wear and tear contribution, petrol money for your driver, bit of cash if a ferry trip is needed ($30) although we hope this won’t be necessary.

Meet: 6.30 am at the UQ Canoe Club to load kayaks. Depart 7am and drive to Victoria Point. Aim to be on the water at 8.30 am.

Tides: Low tide is ~10: 30 AM. High tide is 4:15 PM
Moon: half moon

Registration: Please register your interest with Michael by email (first come first served). Please indicate whether you have transport and if you have roof racks for kayaks. If you have not kayaked with the the organisers before, please give some indication of your skills level to assist planning. It will not be fun if you are not up to it.

Leaders: Martin Wynne / Luke Chapman (2IC)

Registration: with Michael (treasurer)
Closing date: Friday 18th January 2013

Route Map

208-Victoria Pt - Peel day trip.jpg

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