Flatwater coaching course (Reg by 16th Apr)

A Qld canoeing course to train members to become level 1 flatwater coaches. Register by 16th April.

Calling all good flatwater paddlers (Ks and high end TKs (Cougar and Fire Ant paddlers). This is your chance to become a level 1 flatwater coach. The club is looking to train some of its members to this level. Please contact Michael if you are interested and have not already registered that interest. Please do so soon so we can try to build up your skills in time.

Duration: two days

The course will include

  • A 2 hour computer based module completed over the web – done first if possible.
  • The 2 day course done over 11th and 12th May weekend. This will include some assessment.
  • To be certified as an level 1 coach the participants would need to keeping a diary for 3 months (flexible) in which the training sessions are documented setting out the objectives of the sessions etc which is not too arduous- for feedback and critique from someone who has done the course and/or others in the group.

Contact: Michael (treasurer)

This training event is made possible due to a 2012 Queensland Government Grant (Department of Communities) to improve club leadership depth. The grant was part of the department’s Sport and Recreation Inclusion Program (Club support category).

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