Blakesley’s Weekend, N. Stradbroke island

An overnight trip from Cabbage Tree Point across to North Stradbroke island, and then up the Canaipa passage to Blakesleys Anchorage to camo for the night. Returning the next day via Karragarra and Long island.

Description We will put in at Cabbage Tree Point, Steiglitz and paddle across to Tabby Tabby island and then north past Short and Mosquito islands to the south end of Russell island. We will then go east towards North Stradbroke island where we will stop for a break (5.5 km) at Lion’s Boulevarde Park on Russell island. We will then paddle north along the inside of Stradbroke island to the top of the Canaipa passage and stop for lunch. After this we will paddle north to Blakesley’s Anchorage where we will camp for the night. We will take stops along the way.

On Sunday we will paddle south along North Stradbroke before crossing to Karragarra island where we will stop. Then we will go south and paddle along the length of Long island, returning to Cabbage Tree Point.

Date 20th & 21st April 2013
Duration 2 days
Paddle type Sea kayaking
Grade 1.5 Note longer distances. We will also be against the tide in parts. If you are on the weaker side, then this may not be the trip for you.
Distance 23 km (Sat) and 21 km (Sun)
Paddle duration Sat: 5.5 – 6 hr including minor stops.
Sun: 5 hr including minor stops.

Paddle outline Sat

  • 6:30 Meet club shed
  • 7:00 Depart shed
  • 8:00 Arrive Cabbage Tree Pt and pack boats
  • 9:00 Pre trip Briefing
  • 9:30 Depart Cabbage Tree Pt to NSI (6 km)
  • 11:00 Arrive Lion’s Boulevarde Park, SE Russell island (morning tea)
  • 11:30 Depart north to the top of Russell along Canaipa (9 km)
  • 13:30 Lunch at top end of Russell island/NSI
  • 14:30 Depart for Blakesley’s (8 km)
  • 16:30 Arrive Blakesley’s and set up camp
  • 15:30 Sunset


  • 6:07 Sunrise
  • 8:15 Break camp and pack boats
  • 9:15 Depart Blakesleys for Karragarra (10 km leg)
  • 11:30 Karragarra – early lunch
  • 12:15 Depart Karragarra for Cabbage Tree Pt (12 km leg)
  • 13:30 Optional stop at Landing Reserve, SW Russell island (7 km point of leg)
  • 15:00 Arrive Cabbage Tree Creek
  • 16:00 Depart for shed
  • 17:30 Arrive back at shed
Moon Half moon on the Thurs before trip (close to neap tides)
Tides Sat

  • Brisbane bar : High 4:39; Low 11:26; High 17:31
  • Cabbage Tree Pt: High 5:15; Low 12 noon; High 18:05
  • Jumpinpin: Low 10:00; High 16:30
  • Dunwich: Low 11:45; High 17:40


  • Brisbane Bar: High 5:41; Low 12:20; High 18:26
  • Cabbage Tree Pt: Low 12:55; High 19:00
  • Redland Bay: High 6:10; Low 13:05
Sunrise/set Sunset: ~17:26; Sunrise: 6:07

Put in point Cabbage tree Point boat ramp beach, Steiglitz at 9:30 AM Sat
Take out point Cabbage tree Point boat ramp beach, Steiglitz at 3 PM Sun
Alt. Take out points Ferry return to Redland bay from north of Russell island or from Karragarra or Macleay islands
Alt. Route variations Sat: If the current is too strong going to the south of Russell island, we will go with the current to the south end of Short island, and then go north through narrower channels (between Short and Coby Coby islands to the South end of Russell island). This adds 3 km to the leg but would have some tidal assist.

Facilities None: There is NO water and NO toilets available at the campsite or most other areas. Be sure to bring enough water and toilet gear (bush toileting!). Toilets at Lion’s Boulevarde park on the SE part of Russell island.

Personal Gear See participant gear list (separate page), including 4L water per day, warm on water gear, camping and sleeping gear, food and on water snacks, and spare warm dry clothing.

Meet UQ Club shed , St Lucia
Meet time Sat 6:30 AM, Depart for Cabbage Tree Point by 7 AM
Meet time at put in point Sat 8 AM to unload boats with trip briefing at ~9:00 AM. Depart 9:30 AM.
Return Load kayaks onto trailer and depart Cabbage Tree Pt by 4 PM. Return to Brisbane by 5:30 PM.

Risks and Hazards Sunburn, fatigue, hypothermia, dehydration, Sea sickness, cuts and bruises, Boat capsize, Boat traffic, Tendonitis, Paddle induced injuries, wind, rain, and current (weather), group separation
Risk Reduction Dress for outdoors and sun/cold/wet weather. Take spare dry clothing. Take safety gear (below). Participants familiar with rescue methods. Brief and keep group together. Take regular short stops to rest, refuel, and rehydrate.
Safety Gear Split paddle, tow ropes, paddle float, whistles, compass, PFD, bailer, Sea kayak with deck lines and sealed compartments, hand pumps, VHF radio, PLB, V sheet, flares, signal mirror, rescue stirrup, mobile phone(s), First aid kit, chart., torch, light stick
Emergency Contact(s) VMR Jacob’s Well, Ph 07 5546 1100 , VHF: ch 73, 16
Trip to be logged on at the start of the trip and off at end

Medical Conditions Please advise leaders if you have health issues or injuries that may affect participation
Medical Centre Bay Islands Medical Service (07)3409 5434
27 Russell Terrace, Macleay Island QLD 4184

Bay Islands Medical Centre
6 Alison Crescent Russell Island
ph 34091151
Saturday 9:00 am to 3 pm

Map Launch Point
219-Cabbage tree Cree meetpoint.jpg
Cabbage Tree Point Boat Ramp. Parking nearby.
Map of Paddle Route
220-Blakesleys trip 2013 with stop points.jpg
Route Plan
Bad weather alternative None. If the trip is cancelled, there will be no paddling.

Costs Wear and tear contribution for club gear. Petrol money to your driver, and a few extra dollars in case of coffee stop or unplanned ferry trip.
Trip Leader Martin Wynne

Register info Please register your interest with Martin by email (first come first served). Please indicate whether you have transport and if you have roof racks for kayaks. If you have not kayaked with the organisers before, please give some indication of your skills level to assist planning. It will not be fun if you are not up to it.
Register by 17th April

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