Semester 1 training courses

The club has a Qld government club development grant for training for first semester 2012. Get applications in at least a two weeks before any training trip.

During the first semester, in addition to the usual club training, professional training will include two flat water sessions, one for beginners and one for advanced kayakers, two sea kayak training weekends on the bay, one for beginners and one more advanced kayakers, as well as a white water training weekend in Northern NSW. Later in the year advanced skills, leadership and instructor training for interested kayakers will be organised.


This professional training is made possible by a $5000 Queensland Government Department of Communities grant to improve club general skills and knowledge base. This grant was obtained in 2011, but due to the floods was kindly extended to 2012.

If you are interested in this training please apply to the club by emailing “training” at the address.

Be aware that these are club development grants aimed at helping the club build its skills base.

A number of factors will affect allocation of places such as demand for the course (if there is too much demand). If you don’t thing you match these criteria very well, don’t let that stop you applying as this is only a rough guide for us.

Please include the following in the your email.

  • PUT THE WORD “TRAINING” at the start of your email subject line. This reduces the chance of your email getting lost!
  • Trips and preference – which trips want to do and which you are most interested in doing
  • How long you have been in the club
  • How long you are likely to stay in the club
  • how you hope to pass on your skills and contribute to the club in both the short and long term.
  • Level of paddling you have done, and give an indication of your experience.
  • level of previous and potential future contribution to the club
  • how regularly you train
  • whether you compete in competitions
  • degree of active involvement in the club
  • whether you are interested in obtaining canoe leadership/instructor qualifications in the future
  • any other information you think might be useful for us to know
  • whether you have a car, roof racks, tow bar, are able to provide transport, etc

While the grant is primarily for buliding core skills and rebuilding the club, we certainly want to see all places filled if possible.

Please apply no later than two weeks prior to the date of the trip. The earlier the better as the first trips are coming up fast.

Training courses are

Remember the club has all the gear you will need from boats and safety gear through to camping gear (not clothes and food).

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