Sea Kayak instruction trip

An overnight sea kayak training/camping trip on the Gold Coast with a qualified instructor. Entries close 31st March.

The club obtained a Queensland government grant aimed at improving members’ skills.

This will be an overnight trip to South Stradbroke island. The destination is not yet decided, but is likely to be the Bedrooms on the north end, or Curragee on the south end. Training will focus on paddling skills, rescues, towing and safety.

Entries close 31st March
Dates: Saturday (14th April 2012) and Sunday (15th April 2012)
Meet time: 6:15 AM
Destination: North Currigee, South Stradbroke island
Accommodation: Camping

Trip leader: A qualified Queensland canoeing instructor
Course content: General Sea kayak equipment, personal skills, rescues, rolling one side, weather, basic navigation, towing

Paddler Requirements: Participants must be able to paddle a loaded sea kayak up to 15 km at a rate of at least 4 km / hr with stops. Please check your abilities while paddling on the river using the local distances as an estimate.

Gear: A general gear list to get you started is here. Adjust according to the needs of this trip.

Tides at Brisbane bar: Saturday – Low 10:43 AM, High 16:33 | Sunday – low 11:45 AM, High 17:42 PM
Moon: half moon waning (Fri, 13th Apr)

Put -in point: The boat ramp on Muriel-Henchman Drive, on the Spit, Gold coast.

Facilities:: Toilets, showers (?cold). All tents, water, food, and gear must be brought in and taken out via sea kayak.

Risks: Sunburn, cold/hypothermia, hyperthermia, rain, marine and terrestrial animals, boat traffic, wind, fatigue, weather changes, paddle injuries, capsize.
Risk reduction: We will keep out of the main channels and follow standard kayak practices when crossing boating channels (tight group / direct route / active lookout). All participants must have demonstrated a wet exit and T-rescue previously. Trip led by a qualified instructor. Require 4L of fresh water per day per person. Warm clothing required while paddling (in case of wind/rain), and separate dry warm gear required while camping. Local knowledge. Extra equipment. Emergency numbers. PFDs mandatory.
Extra equipment (group): spare paddles, marine flares, V-sheet, VHF radio, phone, whistle, first aid kit, paddle float, compass, extra sunscreen, extra insect repellent, repair kit, tow lines, signal mirror, torch/glow stick.

Emergency contacts: Coast Guard Redland Bay 07 3206 7777; VMR (TBA); VHF 21, 63, 67, 73, 77, 81, 16 (emergency only)

Costs: Petrol money, boat wear and tear contribution for two days. Camping fees. You will need to bring your own food & paddle snacks (and/or sort it out with other participants). About $40

Application: via this page.

Department of Communities

This event was made possible due to a club development grant awarded by the Queensland Government Department of Communities to improve the general skills and knowledge base of the club. The grant was part of the Department’s Sport and Recreation Inclusion Program (Club support category).

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