Public Talks – Paddling Patagonia | Kayaking in rock gardens and caves

Public talks from American extreme kayaker Jim Kakuk, cofounder of the renowned Tsunami Rangers ocean adventure kayak team, and from local Sea Guide and club member John Simmons who relates his Patagonian adventures.

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John Simmons – Paddling Patagonia

Recently returned from three months in South America, John Simmons will discuss his adventures in Patagonia including a ten day paddle to the remote San Rafael Glacier. His talk covers not only the paddle trip to the ‘Ice Wall’, but also a road trip throughout the central part of this great land, including scouting some fantastic rivers and lakes (General Carrera) for his next Patagonian trip.

John Simmons is an accredited yacht skipper with the Australian Yachting Federation and an Australian Canoeing Sea Guide. He has completed extended kayak trips in the Solomon Islands, along the Queensland coast, and now Patagonia.


Jim Kakuk –
Kayaking in rock gardens and caves

Originating in the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 1980’s the Tsunami Rangers are a team of individuals that work together to explore and enjoy the nomadic coastal experience that can be found by kayak.

We like it where waves rebound off rocks and smash into oncoming waves. Feels scary but is easy, looks dangerous but is fun. The surf zone is a dynamic environment where timing is everything. This is true in the beach surf, ocean rock gardens and especially in caves along the exposed coast. With proper timing, you can slip past the kill zone into serene beauty and find adventure with your friends. It takes teamwork to explore complex rock gardens and caves and requires competent, experienced companions. This presentation will illustrate the equipment and skill sets needed to explore the excitement zone where the ocean meets the land.

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Jim Kakuk, cofounder and Captain of the Tsunami Rangers, builds Tsunami Ranger kayaks and travels the world in search of sea kayaking adventure. His home is in the Sonoma coastal territory, north of San Francisco, California. He explores the West Coast from rugged Cape Flattery, Washington to Baja California seeking out remote beaches, complex rock gardens and sea caves. He has recently traveled in New Zealand and is getting familiar with Australia.


  • Social Sciences Building (Building 24), University of Queensland, St. Lucia
  • Level 4 Lecture Theatre S402 (Ground level from Campbell St)
  • A diagram of the lecture room and facilities is here

Date: Friday 27th July 2012 7PM – 9PM

Please allow time to park, and walk from to the venue

UQCC Membership: Not required!

Cost: Free

Tea and coffee: supplied – sorry instant etc…

Thanks very much to John and Jim for giving their time and experience.

Contact: Martin

Maps (click for interactive map)

Turn right as you walk in, and then it’s first room on your left.

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