Circumnavigate Green Island

Green Island is surrounded by banks and at high tide turtles and other sea life is
common. It’s a pleasant trip and will probably take about 4-5 hours including breaks.

We will depart from Manly Harbour on the bay.

High tide is about 2:52 PM so it will be a late start returning late afternoon. We will aim to leave Manly about 11am and go anticlockwise crossing to the sandy spit on the north west corner of the island. We will spend up to 1.5 hours here having lunch and waiting for the tide to come in. Those who went on the training trip to can practice some of their skills and pass them on to those who did not. Beginners will have an opportunity to learn some skills. We will paddle around the east side of the island across the banks and through the mangroves returning to Manly from the north end. If the tide is too shallow, we may elect to cross to the south west tip of St Helena island.

Safety: Sea kayaking on Moreton Bay can be hazardous. If conditions are unfavourable we will kayak up Tingalpa Creek instead. We will register with the coast guard prior to departure and be in telephone contact.

Emergency Contact: Coast Guard Manly Ph 33965911
Grade: 1
Time: Saturday 12 May 2012
Meet: at clubhouse at 8:30AM to pack boats and gear
Duration: All Day. We will plan to leave the club by 9.30 am, be on the water before 11 AM, be off the water by 4 PM, and back at the shed by 5:30 PM.
Distance: about 15km.
Paddle type: Sea kayaking


  • Basic fitness – Although this trip will cater for relative beginners, basic skills and fitness are required. . If you can kayak comfortably up river from the club to the radio mast and back at a 4.5km/hr rate then you should manage. This means kayaking, in a sea kayak, from our pontoon up to the green buoy on six mile rocks and back to the pontoon in a minimum of 70 min. There is some open water and you should be able to handle light chop.
  • Basic skills.Only people who have demonstrated that they can use a skirt, do a wet exit and an assisted rescue in a sea kayak will be taken on to Moreton Bay. Contact the organisers if this is an issue.
  • Equipment: Sea kayaks, skirts, paddle leashes, bailers and PFDs. Bring a picnic lunch, snacks, at least 2L WATER, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, insect repellant, money, hat, towel, warm gear, wind and rain proof top and change of clothing as you can get wet.

Limit on numbers: Numbers will be limited by transport, the number of people with sufficient skills, and the weather. Within these coinstraints it will be first come first served and number will be limited.

Basic Costs:$8 towards gear maintenance and petrol money for your driver.

Tides: High tide is at 2:52 pm
Registration: Please register your interest with the leader by email (first come first served). Please indicate whether you have transport and if you have roof racks for kayaks. If you have not kayaked with the leader before please give some indication of your skills level to assist planning.

Leader: Michael Wynne
Contact: “treasurer” followed by “”

Please register by Thursday 10/5/12


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