Flood recovery help needed

Assistance is needed at club shed this Saturday morning (5th Feb) as part of the flood recovery effort.

As part of the flood recovery, we’d appreciate the help of some members this Saturday morning to move club gear. The gear will also be assessed with UQ sport for insurance purposes, and cleaned (by UQ) if necessary. It will be moved into shipping containers for one or two weeks.

During this two week period the shed will be cleaned and sanitised by the university.

If we are to do any kayaking this semester then it is essential to complete the insurance process and make new purchases as quickly as possible. We cannot undertake any activities until this is done and some essential gear replaced.

IMPORTANT: If you are able to come along this Saturday morning, please email Michael (treasurer) – and give him your contact details (phone/email.).

The shipping containers have arrived and are ready for Saturday.

Program outline

  • Take everything out of the shed
  • Evaluate for insurance purposes, take further photos, and then throw out those
    items which are not to be sanitised.
  • Store all the gear somewhere out of the shed (in shipping containers probably – but we may be asked to take some of it somewhere else where they can clean and sanitise it)

The university will then strip, clean and sanitise the shed. They will also later
do the same for our equipment and they may do this in the shed or elsewhere.

Meeting time: 8:45 AM at the shed

Flood recovery status page is here.

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