Skills weekend at Wivenhoe

A weekend at Wivenhoe dam practicing skills in all types of kayaks. Great for beginners to any discipline to build essential skills.

This trip is cancelled because not enough people registered in time

Register soon because places are limited and registration cannot be done at the last minute.

This is a great opportunity to learn and practice skills in the disciplines you are interested in, and maybe realise that skills in other types of kayaking can be very useful for this as well! The weekend will give you an opportunity to build your skills and ready yourself for trips. At the very least it will increase your safety on the water. It extends what was learned in the pool, which was a basic introduction.

The weekend will be split in two. On the Saturday will be all the different skills separated into groups. On the Sunday they can sign up for different activites including learning polo and a paddle. Depending on how many boats we can take depends on how many people can come on the trip. We can take more boats if people have roof racks.

The skills to take part in groups on Saturday include:
1) seakayaking: wet exits, T-rescues, Self rescuses and towing
2) White water: wet exits, T-rescues, maybe rolling (if there are advanced paddlers)
3) Paddle Techniques: bracing, paddling etc
4) Rope techniques: knot tying, tying of boats on the tralier

The activities for Sunday:
1) learn to play polo,have a game of polo
2) go for a paddle over the dam
3) anybody that might want to just practice what they learned the day before

We plan to cater for this weekend again as it worked out well the last time. Everyone will pay up front for the campsite, food and donations for the gear. If they dont turn up on the day there is no refund. Cancelling before we cater will give then full refund. Cancelling after catering will give them refund of camping fees.

Please also let the organiser know if you can take boats and/or people, and how many.

Destination: Wivenhoe Dam
Duration: 2 days
Date: 11 – 12 September 2010
Kayak type: all
Purpose: training
Accommodation: Camping (the club has some camping gear if you have none – contact organiser)
Meet: Club shed
Depart: 7:30 AM Saturday morning
Return: Before 3 PM, Sunday
Food: This will be catered (breakfast, 2x lunch, and dinner). Please let the organiser know of food requirements. You will need to contribute to shared food costs. BYO drinks. Of course you can bring something nice extra…
Costs: Petrol money. Food money – about $5-10 per meal (1x breakfast, 2x lunch, 1x dinner), the more people that go, the cheaper this will be – . Camping ($10 per person per night)

Pre-trip meeting: Monday 6th September at the shed for those coming

Contact: Karena – social representative

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