Saturday Social Paddles

The club holds club social paddles on many Saturday mornings, especially new members. It’s a good chance to pick up tips from more experienced members and meet others. Sessions start at 8:30 AM, and all members are encouraged to come along.

Duration: ~1 hour and longer depending on the group and their interests
Paddle type: Flatwater
Bring: Hat, a long sleeved shirt, a water bottle, sunscreen, dark glasses, and suitable footwear. Money if it is a market paddle. Food if it is a barbecue or breakfast paddle.
Location: University of Queensland website calendar. Some may be run as an extended social paddle to the markets (check the calendar for these too).

Visitors wishing to try out paddling and check out the club should attend an on-water induction session that usually precedes this activity)

Social Saturday Calendar

Held on Saturday mornings with even numbered dates.

Paddles start at 8:30 AM on days when no inductions are scheduled (inductions are on odd numbered Saturday mornings (or other days).

If no dates are listed, please email enquiries or check back here closer to the date.



Monthly Full Moon Night Paddles


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