Sem 2 Come and try day & BBQ

Come along and try out a kayak on the river. Have a look around the club shed and see what is available. Talk to club members. Have a BBQ brunch.

The morning costs $5 for non-members and is free for club members.

Existing club members are encouraged to come and help out (from 7:30 AM), talk to prospective club members, meet existing members, and enjoy the barbecue.

Please bring your friends and/or mention the day to anyone who may be interested. Remember you do not have to be a UQ student to join the club.

Sensible paddling gear is recommended, such as a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Shorts and shoes that can get wet (e.g. plastic sandals) are suggested. An old T-shirt, and perhaps something warmer (possibly rain-proof) is also a good idea – especially for when you are not paddling. In the unlikely event you get wet, there are warm showers in the shed complex. However if you are a little unsure of your abilities, you could leave a towel and dry warm clothes in your car/bag – just in case…

If it rains, then the barbecue will be inside the shed. Keep in mind that light rain is actually not bad paddling weather (keep warm though).

Date: 26 July 08
Time: 8:00AM (non-members), 7:30 AM (members)
Cost: $5 for non-members
Location: The club shed here

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