Bay islands weekend

A longer paddle to several islands in Moreton Bay. An overnight trip that will visit Macleay, North Stradbroke, Peel and Coochiemudlo islands. We will stay at Dunwich (NSI) overnight.

Be aware, this is a longer paddle, so it is not for novices. If you can’t paddle the distances you are unlikely to enjoy this trip (click map to enlarge).

If winds are a likely to be a problem on day 2, then we will catch a ferry across to Cleveland, and paddle south to Victoria point from there.

Bad weather alternative paddle (Day trip only)
If the weekend is too windy, an alternative day trip is to start at Victoria point, paddle past Coochiemudlo island to Macleay, then paddle south between Macleay and Lamb island to Karragarra island, then back along the other side of Macleay island, through the “secret passage” of Garden island and then north to return to Victoria Point.

Time: Sat and Sun 10 and 11 May 2008
Duration: 2 days, 1 night
Paddle type: Sea kayaking
Grade: 1.5 (for extra distance and longer stretches of open water
Distance:~20 km (Sat), ~15 km (Sun)

Tides: see map

  • Paddle a loaded sea kayak at ~5 km / hr for up to about 2 hours at a time
  • Wet exit from a sea kayak (must have practiced)
  • T-rescue recovery from a sea kayak (must have practiced)
  • Be able to handle rougher water and small swell
  • Be able to handle rougher water and small swell
  • Costs
    • Ferry money (~$15)
    • Pub / meal / excursion money (~$10-20)
    • Petrol money
    • Campsite money
    • Consider a donation toward equipment costs

Contact: Martin

Note: that this trip did not take place as there were not enough people able to go

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