UQCC Summer Racing series report

A report for the first of the Wednesday summer series races is available. Congratulations to… (read more!)

Well we had our first race on Wednesday (31/1) with a small, but
enthusiastic bunch of paddlers. After a bit of a chat about the racing
the first people were sent out on the 2.6klm course. We had shortened it
from the advertised 5klm as that was far too long for Wednesday
afternoon fun racing. It wasn’t long till everyone was out of sight and
it was just the starter on his Pat Malone waiting to see what unfolded.
First to be sighted was Jitka Kochanek, who according to everyone, tore
up the course. Despite paddling 5k’s beforehand she still managed to
take home the bottle of Rex Watson of Coonawarra Red. Everyone had a
good time and the racing was very close, with the handicapper making
sure that everyone was within a couple of minutes of each other.

All club members are welcome to come down and try. The races are
handicapped to give everyone a chance, so you can be any speed in any
boat. The racing is not serious and is designed to be fun for people who
are not really into racing. Please come down and support the races, you
never know, you might even be going home with a nice bottle of wine. If
you have any questions please contact the seakaying rep

Full results are found here

– Dave (Sea Kayak)