Wilderness First Aid Course

The Wilderness First Aid course is an introduction to subjects In Wilderness First Aid. Topics include wound management, relocating dislocations, spinal management and more.

For those people interested in recertifying their´current WMI of NOLS Advanced Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responder certification, this course is applicable.

Unfortunately this course does not recertify any Wilderness First Aid Consultants courses.

When: Friday 6th August (evening) – Sunday 8th August
morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea supplied Saturday and Sunday. CPR is included in the price and is being run on the Friday evening.

Where: Kindilan Outdoor Education and Conference Centre

WFA: $280.00 (incl CPR)
$345 WFA + all meals and accommodation
*Bookings can made through WMI * via www.wildernessfirst.aid.com.au

Please email Mike at support@wildernessfirstaid.com.au for info or call:
Tel:(08) 9331 6066
Fax: (08) 9331 6044
Freecall: 1 800 137 847

If participants want to take advantage of the meals/accom package , they can book directly with Kindilan.

Redland Bay Qld. 4165
Ph (07) 3206 7291
Fax: (07) 3829 0026

Emil Mandyczewsky

Wilderness Medicine Institute of NOLS (WMI of NOLS) Australia and Wilderness First Aid Consultants www.wildernessfirstaid.com.au

Unit 1 / 5 Hines Rd, OConnor, WA, 6163
Tel:(08) 9331 6066 Fax: (08) 9331 6044
Freecall: 1 800 137 847
(M): 0402 173 347